2 min read Series: The bulky myth

women weight lifter

It’s good to see that the heavy weights = getting bulky myth among women is becoming more and more accepted as bollocks.

The myth IS still prevalent but not to the same extent as it once was. Women weight lifters are becoming more common as it’s becoming understood that in fact weight lifting is incredible for fat loss. Much more so than cardio!

Gone are the days where free weight areas in gyms are dominated by men. Knowledgable PT’s have their female clients loading up the barbell and lifting heavy weights.

The problem was, and to an extent still is, the belief that by lifting weights women will become bulky with copious amounts of muscle mass. The reality couldn’t be further from this myth and whilst it is definitely fair to say that people are starting to understand this, women are still still nervous to embrace weight lifting.

Perhaps this is a combination of finding the truth hard to believe and sticking to old habits. The fact is, habits are very hard to break and in the very recent past and to some extent in the present day, cardio has been considered KING for fat loss. As a result many women who are fully aware that weight lifting won’t make them bulky and will massively promote fat loss are sticking fast to 2 hours on the cross trainer 5 days a week.

The reality is, women have around 1/10th the amount of the muscle building hormone testosterone in their bodies and men have to work F***ing hard to gain and hold onto muscle. If men find muscle building that tough with a body packed with testosterone then women don’t stand a chance.

A lot of it comes down to our genetic make up and more precisely our body types. Every human being, man and women, can be categorized into 3 differing body types, (ectomorph = slight build, slim, hard to gain weight, endomorph = thicker set, easy to gain weight, naturally strong, mesomorph = athletically built, gains and loses weight easily). It’s important to embrace your dominant body type and work with it to achieve the best results for you! An ectomorph like myself is never going to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger just like a shorter and naturally curvy women is never to going to look like a Gisele Bundchen.

If you’re serious about weight loss then implementing a weight lifting programme into your training is going to be a good move. Now you’ve just got to sort your nutrition out 😉