3 ways to stay consistent in fitness


stay consistent

Health and fitness is often associated with consistency in order to achieve desired results and to an extent it’s very true. If you stop training and let your diet slip for months at a time you’re probably going to notice loss of strength, weight gain or weight loss depending your goals and a host of other adaptions and changes associated with regular fitness and good nutrition.

What exactly does it mean to stay consistent? Is it necessary to be on your game day in day out with no slip ups? If you drop stop going to the gym for 3 months and gain a stone in weight should you just give up?

These are all common questions that fitness professionals are faced with on a daily basis and they’re not always easy to deal with.

Here are 3 ways to stay on the fitness wagon

1. Be realistic with your goals and expectations

It’s pretty common for someone who is embarking on a new fitness campaign to try and change up far to much in a short space of time. It’s going to be pretty hard to go from eating a load of processed foods and microwave meals to only eating lean meats and tonnes of vegetables. Chances are you’ll have given up on that idea by the time the first weekend comes around and you’ll be stuffing your face with junk. This then leads to guilt because of your ridiculous pre-set expectations for your new diet.
Instead of trying to totally change your routine just change up little bits at a time and set them as new mini habits. It can be something as small as including a banana as part of your breakfast everyday. Implementing a healthy habit in the morning is really beneficial as it sets the tone for the rest of the day. Keep implementing small changes and before you know you’ll have be living a much healthier lifestyle.

2. Have a contingency for missing the gym

As part of your new fitter and healthier lifestyle you may well have joined your local gym or fitness studio with the intention of going 5 times a week. That’s all well and good but inevitably ‘life’ is going to occasionally get in the way of your plans and prevent you from going. Not a problem!!! Missing a gym sesh every now and then isn’t a big deal at all. Missing the gym for a week at a time every now and then isn’t a big deal either. Try not to get de-motivated as a result because it WILL happen to you. If you know you can’t make the gym then have a small home routine set up so you can get some exercise in. It could be a 10 minute HIIT session before dinner or just doing 3 minutes of abs during your lunch break. I often do a few reps of body weight exercise as soon as I get out bed. 20 press ups, 20 squats, 20 lunges. BOOM! I’ve already got some movement in and the kettle hasn’t even boiled yet. It sets me up for the day and makes it less likely I’ll skip the gym later. It can have a huge psychological impact and keep you staying positive and on track for the rest of the day. The important thing is not to give up all together. Whether it’s 3 days, 3 months or 3 years since your last fitness session….just get yourself back on that wagon.

3. STOP weighing yourself and looking in the mirror every 3 hours

One of the quickest and easiest ways to de-motivate your self is to continually weigh your self and check your self out in the mirror. Guess what…your body composition isn’t going to change between the hours of 9-5 on a Wednesday. And since when does weight have anything to do with how you look? Are you really embarking on this health and fitness campaign to change the figure on the scales. Unless your a professional fighters who’s required to make a specific weight I seriously doubt it. You’re doing so you look better in and out of your clothes. You want to look more toned and have fewer wobbly bits. The scales really have nothing to do with that. Your body composition can change dramatically and with very little or even NO weight fluctuation what so ever. Take into account water retention. 1 litre of water weights 1 kilo or 2.2 pounds. That means if you drank a couple of litres of water during the morning and had an apple without going to the toilet your weight is going to up by 5-6 pounds!!! It could go from 7 stone 2 pounds to 7 stone 8 pounds. That’s just water and you’ll wee it out by lunchtime…..So STOP worrying about what the scales say.