Aljamain Sterling – Future UFC champ?

Aljamain Sterling

Aljamain Sterling has been busy building himself a bigger profile after learning a few rules in business.

Aljamain Sterling made it public knowledge that he was unhappy with his level of pay in comparison to other fighters who have far less experience than him. One such name he made reference to is Sage Northcutt who was commanding $40k to show and $40k to win in only his second fight in the UFC. The rate of pay among UFC fighters is by no means a new subject of controversy but it seems to be a bigger talking point in recent months probably largely due to the rise of Conor Mcgregor. Mcgregor makes no secret about his substantial pay checks. He continually talks about how the “numbers” and to his credit, he certainly knows how to utilise the leverage he has generated for himself. UFC brass Lorenzo Fertitta actually predicted that McGregor would become the companies first $100 million dollar man.


Aljamain Sterling toyed with the idea of quitting MMA to go back and study in order to find a more stable career. He was arguably a victim of his own success as he has put together a perfect 12-0 record in his young MMA career. Whats more if you watch Sterling fight it becomes immediately evident that he posses talent that’s rarely seen. Appearing on the MMA Hour this week Sterling revealed that he has re-signed with the UFC after a brief period being a free agent. With Bellator snapping up so much talent recently the MMA world did seriously ponder as to whether Sterling might jump ship. The UFC however clearly saw the potential and offered Sterling a deal he would accept. There is little doubt that the new contract includes incentives involving Sterlings already stellar record. If truth be told, Sterling may already possess the skills and raw talent to fight for and win the Bantam weight belt now. However, it would be wise for him to keep building on his better understanding of leverage. The importance of establishing a profile in the UFC is conducive to better pay. There is no doubt he has the confidence to challenge anyone and firmly believes he will walk away victorious.

It will be interesting to see who the UFC feeds to the East coast native next. The bantam weight division will be well aware of just how dangerous Sterling is. Can anyone take his 0?

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