Calories and macros for newbies!



This word gets thrown around a hell of a lot in the world of weight loss and weight management.

But so many of you don’t really know what macros are or WHY they’re so important.

Question: Do you know the difference between calories and macros?

Answer: Calories and macros are essentially the same thing. Your Macros COME from calories. Just in different forms. Calories can be catogorised into you’re 3 macros which are…..DRUM ROLLLLL:

Protein (4 kcals per gram)

Carbs (4 kcals per gram)

Fats (9 kcals per gram)

As you can see I have added how many calories (kcals) each macronutrient yields per gram.

Look at that….Fat yields over double the amount of kcals than carbs and protein per gram. That’s why low fat diets were all the rage during the 90’s. Cut out fat and you’ll be consuming less kcals. The only problem was…people went to the extreme and avoided fats all together. Not a good idea. Fats, just like carbs and proteins are essential to our diet. Let’s look at what each macro nutrient does for us in broad terms:

-Protein: essential for growth and repair

-Carbs: essential for energy

-Fats: essential for hormone production

So as you can see…we need all 3 of those. However…we need to control the intake of our macronutrients as they’re what will either make us lose, maintain or gain weight.

So when you hear people saying

“I’m counting macros”

“How many kcals are you eating a day?”

“Where can I find a good macro calculator”

You now know WHY. People control/count there macro’s/kcals in order to NOT EAT TOO MANY.

So what has Macros and Kcals got to do with you’re diet plan?

Whether you’re doing SSS, slim fast, slimming world or any other diet plan the macros are worked out for you. Remember at the beginning the plan…you have to add all your measurements etc. The diet plan makers take those details and churn you up a meal/exercise plan that will put you into a likely kcal deficit. (A kcal deficit is when you eat LESS kcals than you burn each day ultimately leading to weight loss) I say a ‘likely’ kcal deficit because they can’t know for sure. No one can! So in order to make that kcal deficit MORE likely they cut your kcals a bit more to overcome you’re inevitable slip ups. A biscuit there and a piece of cake here can throw your kcal intake to high and leave you in a surplus. (no weight loss happening in a surplus) (All this is assuming your goal is weight loss)

So the point is…The diet plan is great for those 12 weeks. But what happens when it’s over? Without any knowledge or know how about kcals or macros you’re going to struggle to manage them and the chancessss are you’ll put the weight back on. That’s just common stats talking. Empowerment leads to results. Use your diet plan as a kick starter to your new healthy life style but know WHY the plan is getting you to do what you’re doing.

Any questions…let me know!

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