Conor McGregor- The new face of UFC

Conor McGregor might be the biggest star the UFC has seen to date. Dana White him self has stated that he is a bigger phenomenon that Brock Lesnar and GSP. Big Words!!! but as time passes it looks as though it may be true. His name and face is cropping up more and more in the world of MMA. Take last weeks UFC 179 as an example…McGregor was flown to Brazil, sat ring side, had a ton of air time in the embedded videos, was talked about by both Chad Mendes and Jose Aldo in their post fight speeches and even held a Q and A about his announced fight with Dennis Siver in January 2015. He was probably talked about and seen just as much as the 2 guys who actually fought in the main event of UFC 179.

So what is it that makes Conor McGregor such a big star. Dana White calls it just that….The “it” factor. McGregor just has “it” whatever “it” is. When Joe Rogan asked him in his post fight interview after KO’ing Dustin Poirier he stated “I doesn’t just knock them out, I pick the round” and in fairness 3 of his last 4 fights he has done just that. It truly has been a meteoric rise for the brash, confident and highly talented Irishman and it looks as though a title shot is looming in the near future. There has been a lot of criticism regarding his next opponent in Dennis Siver, and in fairness having just KO’ed the number 5 ranked guy it doesn’t make logical sense to be pitted against the number 11 guy but hey. Dennis Siver is a crafty veteran who has just come of a very impressive win of his own. Who knows what that fight may bring. I’m sure UFC brass will kick them selves if Siver does pull of a victory as it would all but ruin there chance to put together a title fight between Aldo and McGregor in either Dublin or Brazil which would almost certainly sell huge figures.

There seems to be no doubt that whilst McGregor is winning fights he will remain a hugely popular figure in our sport. Should he take the title in 2015 we may just see the biggest star in UFC history and a new era of fighter self promotion. The future looks very bright for this young star…..for now.