A fight to watch- Carlos Condit Vs Dan Hardy

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Carlos Condit Vs Dan Hardy

UFC/MMA fighter Dan Hardy

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Once upon a time in the not to distant past Dan Hardy was the UK’s brightest star and remains the only UK fighter to be granted that coveted title shot opportunity in the UFC. Dan Hardy burst onto the scene as a popular fighter from the outset mainly due to his trash talking and tremendous stand up fighting ability with a left hook from hell.

He garnered some serious media and fan attention during the build up to his third UFC fight against Marcus Davis and got the better of the trash talking and ultimately the fight as well. Davis was a popular figure at the time with some good wins behind him and due to his Irish heritage picked up a few UK fans along the way. Dan Hardy played on this to wind up Davis to the breaking point in what ultimately remains one of the best trash talking fight build ups in the history of the UFC. It was Marcus Davis that paid the price in the Octagon however as the younger and more skilled Dan Hardy inflicted some nasty injuries before getting the nod from the judges.

After another win Dan Hardy got his title shot granted against the great GSP and ultimately came up short. Since then Hardy has faced tough times in and out of the Octagon going on a 4 fight losing streak and encountering medical issues that render him unfit to fight to this day.

Carlos Condit

Carlos Condit rose to prominence a little after Hardy did. He made a name for himself in the WEC and held the welterweight belt there for a time before the UFC and WEC integrated into one. Whilst Condit went into the Hardy fight with less recognition and hype its he who now holds the upper hand in todays welterweight rankings as one of the top fighters in the world. Hardy proved to be just another stepping stone in the career of Condit who gave GSP one of his most competitive fights in 2012. We have seen him fight and defeat some of the biggest and most dangerous names in the UFC’s welterweight division and his return from recent injury will certainly be a welcome one in the UFC.

Carlos Condit Vs Dan Hardy

In todays Fight to watch-Carlos Condit Vs Dan Hardy we see these two warriors in there 2010 bout at UFC 120 in the UK. After a typical trash talking build up the fight was an anticipated one. It was Condit who came out with the more diverse game form the outset and clearly had Hardy frustrated. Fans who were watching were just waiting for the huge Hardy left hook that would either end or at least change up the momentum of the fight and that hook did come just over 4 minutes into the first round. However it was preceded by the left hook of Condit also who landed his shorter and cleaner and ultimately put the “Outlaw” to sleep. See the Video below Carlos Condit Vs Dan Hardy for your daily UFC fight Fix.

Carlos Condit Vs Dan Hardy