A fight to watch- Nick Diaz vs Evangelista Santos

Nick Diaz VS Evangelista Santos for the WEC welterweight title

Nick Diaz VS Evangelista Santos was an epic fight that went down in Strikeforce back in 2011.

Nick Diaz is a well known figure in the world of MMA not only because of his all round skill level and toughness but also because of his unusual personality and views on the world. (check out a previous post on Nick Diaz to read more about him)

His brash personality and tough persona only adds to the excitement of his fights. His main MMA trainer Cesar Gracie has stated before that Nick Diaz isn’t easily intimidated and that might have something to do with being brought up on the tough streets of Stockton, California. Nick and his brother Nate never go into fights with a friendly approach and instead stick to the mindset that there up coming opponent is a real threat and its a kill or be killed situation. As a result of this there is usually a fair amount of pre fight hype going into fights as the disrespectful behaviour gets peoples backs up. Nate Diaz famously had a huge amount of pre fight hype with his scarp against Donald Cerrone, someone who is usually very chilled out. During a pre fight press engagement Cerrone went to shake Nate’s hand but was promptly rejected as Nate slapped his hand away. This really got Cerrone worked up only intensified the build up to the fight.

However its not only his personality that makes him put on great fights, He backs up all his talk and tough persona with a super high level skill set in MMA and his fights prove it. He has fought the highest level of competition and destroyed a lot of them with severe beat downs. In this post you can watch his fight against another very tough MMA fighter in Evangelistsa Santos. Santos has had an up and down career but quickly gained a reputation as a tough as nails brawler with KO power. He is particularly well known for his 2006 fight in Cage Rage against Melvin Manhoef which was a demonstration of utter unbridled violence for nearly 10 minutes.

When it was announced that Diaz and Santos would be squaring off the MMA community knew they could have something special to watch. The fight went down in Strikeforce for the welterweight title that Diaz was holding and it was everything fans hoped for. See the video below and enjoy a great fight in MMA’s short history.

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Now sit back and enjoy Nick Diaz VS Evangelista.