Losing fat in specific areas…


“I’ve been doing 300 crunches a day for the last month and I’m still not losing any fat around my tummy”

Of course you’re bloody not!!!!

Why, you ask……

Because fat loss is SYSTEMIC!!! Which means you can’t pick and choose where your body burns fat from. No amount of crunches will get your stomach looking any leaner than any other exercise.

“But Ollie…tricep dips will help get rid of my bingo wings right?”

Are you listening to me? NO THEY WON’T!!! Again…you can’t spot reduce fat.

I hope you’re understanding this concept now…I’ve told you TWICE!

Fat loss comes about from a sensible calorie deficit and I say sensible because cutting your calories too far will result in more muscle mass being taken than fat.

Unfortunately your genetic makeup dictates where the fat drops from. It works the same the other way around as well. If you eat like an idiot and gain loads of weight it’s your genetic make up that dictates where the fat is stored on your body.

Typically men store most of their excess fat around the midsection and women store theirs around there bum and thighs. Obviously it gets stored in other areas as well.

Probably the shortest blog I’ve ever written but I’ve said want needs to be said…TWICE!