MMA Brixton Class Blog 20/1

Welcome to the new MMA Brixton Class Blog 20/1

MMA Classes perfect for residences of Brixton, Clapham, Balham, Tooting, Vauxhall, Stockwell and other areas in south west London

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MMA Brixton Class Blog 20/1

Welcome to the new MMA Brixton Class Blog 20/1 where you can read a little more into the classes that MMA Exposed put on. If your new to MMA and are thinking about getting into training it can be quite daunting to find a gym and go down to your first class. Its common to walk into an MMA gym and see a bunch of guys dressed in fighting gear, punching pads or bags and this can be quite intimidating for a new MMA practitioner.

At MMA Exposed we strive for professionalism. We run friendly classes where everybody can participate to their personal preference. If there certain aspects of the class you don’t feel comfortable taking part in thats absolutely fine. You do the parts where you do feel comfortable.

Todays class will be the first back since the xmas break. It will be an easier, less intense class in across the board from the warm up, strength and conditioning and actual MMA training its self. The warm up will include some light jogging mixed in with some cardio type exercises such as bear crawls and running squats. We will cover some core/stability exercises and some flexibility exercises such as forward/back rolls, jumping squats, press up variations and quick step exercises to ensure we are fully stretched out in the cold weather.
Once warmed up we will cover some kicking techniques using thai pads, some basic BJJ positional work and finish that section with some light rolling/wrestling to put into practice the things we have learnt.
The class will finish with some cardio exercises and a core session

Check out this youtube HL video which shows a snapshot of what the class includes.

MMA Brixton Class Blog 20/1