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A fun way to health and fitness

Hi Everyone :) Health and Fitness can be challenging at the best of times so doing something you enjoy can make it much easier and more sustainable. Kickboxing is a great way to get your exercise fix in and it’s FUN! Kicking, punching, kneeing and elbowing is hardwired into us and it’s a great stress reliever. Why not supplement your boring gym workouts and mundane runs and come and hit some pads with me. I bring my experience from living and training in Thailand to make my kickboxing sessions authentic. This isn’t your typical boxercise rubbish…this is the real thing!

MMA Training Group

MMA and Muay Thai (Kickboxing) Classes

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Level Day Location Time Price
Muay Thai kickboxing Fitness (Park) Tailored to your level Book a session time that suits you – email or call Ollie on 07807161183 Clapham Common Flexible £30 per session
Muay Thai kickboxing Fitness (Park) Tailored to your level Book a session time that suits you – email or call Ollie on 07807161183 Wandsworth Common Flexible £30 per session
Clapham Common grappling sessions All levels Coming in Summer Clapham Common TBC £10 per session

Class descriptions

Muay Thai kickboxing Fitness (Park)

London parks MMA and Muay Thai fitness

Our Muay Thai kickboxing with MMA Fitness sessions are a combination of MMA styled strength and conditioning and Muay Thai pad work. Your pad man Ollie brings his experience from training with Muay Thai champions out in Thailand to ensure authentic and effective Muay Thai training. It goes far beyond the typical “boxercise” styled classes you may have seen before. During these sessions you will learn real Muay Thai technique. The MMA Strength and Conditioning portion of the session incorporates a variety of functional movements and drills that are unique to MMA and will work your body like no other fitness session you have done before. Sessions can be done 1 on 1 or you can share the cost and train with up to 2 friends. Training in the great outdoors offers many benefits. We have lots of space to utilize which is great for varied training and even better than that…We have no overheads so the sessions are cheaper for you!!!

Clapham Common grappling sessions

Clapham Common grappling

This summer I will be bringing my mats outside onto Clapham Common and running the first ever outdoor grappling sessions. The sessions will be pretty relaxed with with some basic technique training and lots of grappling. Check back in a couple of months time for days and times. You can also join my mailing list and receive email updates as well.