Nick Diaz- The Enigma

Perhaps the most polarising figure in MMA Nick Diaz is never far away from the spot light. Despite being “retired” from the sport for the past year until he recently signed to fight the GOAT Anderson Silva in early 2015, he has persistently hit the headlines for one reason or another.

From starting fights with fellow UFC competitors in hospitals to allegedly fighting and getting stabbed by 2 brothers whilst riding “baked” on his mountain bike the MMA star has consistently hit the headlines over the past decade. Its also probably fair to say that the majority of these instances have been due to some sort of negative issue involving something or other.

The latest and almost predictable headline tells us that Diaz has been arrested for an apparent DUI and he didn’t make things easy for himself when he tried to tamper with evidence during the process of arrest. After opting to provide a breath sample for alcohol analysis Diaz tried to induce vomiting it the restroom in an effort to clear his body of excess drink. It turns out that this is the second arrest for DUI that Diaz has landed himself in and it begs the question as whether we will get to witness one of the most anticipated UFC fights in the promotions history.

Diaz has treated MMA fans to a slew of entertaining fights during his career with his relentless pace and peppering boxing style. Despite having a feared ground game the majority of his fights take place in the boxing realm where his unique style over whelms so many of his opponents as he pounds them into submission.

Only time will tell whether the MMA community will get to witness the first “super fight” in UFC history. Lets hope Diaz can keep a lid on his actions and play by the rules until January 2015. Check out his fight against Gomi below which was eventually over turned due to Diaz testing positive to THC.