PT and Fitness Classes

Personal Training and Fitness Classes

I provide a range of more generic fitness options including personalized HIIT sessions, Bootcamps, Urban trails and a full Personal Training service. Whatever you’re preferred type exercise I got you covered…Unless it’s yoga…I don’t do yoga!!!

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PT and Fitness Classes

Clapham Fitness Classes

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Description Day Location Time Price
Private sessions at Clapham Common bars A resistance based workout great for building muscle and creating tone Book a session and time that suits you – – email or call Ollie on 07807161183 London park Flexible £30 per session
45 minute tailored HIIT workout (Park) A HIIT workout created for you Book a session time that suits you – email or call Ollie on 07807161183 London park Flexible £30 per session
Urban Trails on Clapham Common Moderate coming soon coming soon TBC

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Class descriptions

Clapham Common bars

Clapham Common bars

Clapham Common is an epicentre of sport and activity within London and it offers no less than 3 “urban” workout areas. With a bit of knowledge and know how these workout areas are hugely functional and can be used to complete great full body workouts. Come and do private workouts with me and I will guide you through a 45 minute full body resistance training session using all the great equipment. These sessions are great for creating building muscle and creating tone.

Private HIIT workouts

Clapham Common

If HIIT is more your thing then you’ve come to the right place. Over the last few years I have developed an extensive database (seriously, it’s massive) of HIIT worthy exercises that I can programme into your very personalised HIIT workout. Not only that, I have also developed and programmed numerous timers and movement patterns to keep every HIIT workout challenging and interesting. With me on hand to help with form and motivation…you guaranteed a good workout!