Stay active as winter draws in…

There is a definite autumnal feel creeping in with the nights drawing in and the darkness being present when your morning alarm sounds all to early. Typically, fitness studios, gyms, exercise groups and so on all see a vast reduction in the amount of clients taking part in fitness activities. The darkness and coldness just makes it difficult to get motivated to train.

However exercise is EXACTLY what you need. The endorphins that are released during exercise will help you stay positive and motivated during winter life. push yourself to stay active and attend a weekly class or gym session. It can sometimes be motivating to train as part of a group as you can help push and each other and stay motivated.

Maintaining a healthy diet is crucial and it can help to incorporate more complex carbs into your diet (Brown pasta/rice, whole wheats, veggies and fruit) These foods will supply your body with the much nutrients that are vital in maintaining a positive life style.

With shorter days we are exposed to less sun light from which we absorb vit D. Don’t shy away from going out. A cold winter walk could make you feel better. Why don’t you make it a walk to the gym…

MMA Exposed will be running classes right through winter so make sure you take advantage and stay active in the cold season. We will train together and keep each other motivated and positive for good results.

Don’t wait until January to shed the christmas weight…..healthy living is a life style and needs to be a permanent fixture in your life.

See our classes page to find out whats on when.