UFC London – Silva Vs Bisping

UFC London

UFC London is now only a few days away and us Brits are still coming to terms with the fact that we get an opportunity to watch Anderson Silva fighting our very own Michael Bisping on UK soil. Both fighters are veterans in the UFC and a win is a must for both if they are serious about securing a shot for the title

UFC London or UFC Fight Night 84 takes place this Saturday night in London’s o2 arena. The UK’s very own Michael Bisping will headline the card against who many consider to be the best fighter who ever lived. Anderson Silva held the middle weight belt from 2006 until his KO loss to Chris Weidman in 2013. During his reign Silva defended the belt 10 times and hopped between Middle weight and Light heavyweight racking up a record 16 straight wins in the Octagon. He is widely considered to be the greatest MMA fighter to ever live and given his accomplishments in the sport few could argue. During his peak even the number one contenders in the middle division could barely get out of 2 rounds against him as he rifled through his foe with a series of devastating KO’s. Silva holds perhaps the most well known KO in UFC history when he front kicked Vitor Belfort in the face during the first round of their fight. UFC president Dana White has since stated that it was that KO that really pushed Silva into mega stardom. Since his loss to Weidman, Silva has never come close to repeating his earlier career success. A devastating leg break injury during his rematch with Chris Weidman had many questioning whether he would ever return to the sport. After a surgery and rehab he did come back in a fan favourite match up against Nick Diaz. Silva did win the fight but not in any sort if spectacular fashion. A post fight drug test found that Silva had tested positive to PED’s and his reputation was thrown into disrepute. Over a year later we get to Silva fighting again at UFC London and the MMA community will watch with bated breath to see if Silva can show us the sort of form that he once possessed.

Michael Bisping is coming into the scrap riding a 2 fight win streak and there is a lot of speculation that should he get the win then he might finally get his long campaigned for title shot. Bisping has traded wins and losses over the last few years but remains as a top contender in the middle weight division. A lot of his defeats have come against fighters who since tested positive for PED’s and it’s not a subject Bisping has stayed quiet about. At an earlier press appearance Silva and Bisping traded pleasantries with Bisping telling Silva to “keep the viagra out of their fight” There is no doubt Bisping is still a serious threat in the division but it’s getting less and less likely he will ever be in with a genuine chance of winning a title should he be granted a shot. A win over Silva and UFC London on Saturday though may just do that. But at the very least, if he does win, at least he can say he beat the greatest of all time!

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