So you’ve bought a diet plan!

That’s great….you obviously want to make some changes to your diet, health and most of all your body composition.

That first step is often the hardest. MOST people want to be healthier, a bit slimmer, more muscly, more toned etc but actually taking steps towards making those changes isn’t easy so GOOD ON YA!!!

I’ll get this off my chest first of all….I don’t necessarily advocate fixed term diet plans. They’re ALL the rage right now and to be totally honest they’re just big names making easy money. Anyone can smash together a 12 week training program and no matter what each one is promising they’re all doing pretty much the same thing!


I do think they’re a great kick starter for your new life of health and fitness. Notice how I put life…..health and fitness is a commitment that needs to last longer than 12 weeks.

But like I said, they can be a great kick starter and you can start to learn about making healthier choices in both your diet and exercise programs. That can’t be a bad thing can it!

So I’ve been providing some HIIT workouts for you SSS plan guys and I’ve joined a whole bunch of community support pages. I love reading through the comments because it gives me great insight into what people are struggling with and what they need to know!!!

Probably the BIGGGGEST thing I see is people asking why they’re not seeing results.

“I’ve just competed C1 and the scales haven’t changed at all”

“I’ve stuck to the plan 100% but I don’t look any different”

I read these comments every day on these pages.

What makes it worse is that other people seem to be SEEING results. Some have incredible results!


I’m afraid you won’t necessarily like the answer. However this is the REALITY. So really digest what you’re about to read….

It’s often referred to as the industries most guarded secret and here it is….

We are all genetically predisposed to certain levels or responsiveness when it comes to adaptions in fitness. An extremely LOWWW percentile of people just respond very quickly to dietary changes and stimulus placed on the body from training…. AND GUESS WHAT…

…These are the people that fitness program owners post about.

I’m not picking on the SSS plan, it’s the same as any other….but obviously the best responders.. those who lost the most weight are the ones who get talked about.


It’s basic marketing.


YOUUUU are most likely somewhere in the middle in terms of responder rating


Slow responder                                            Average responder                                             Rapid responder



A VERY small percentage of people are at the Rapid responder end of the scale. Most of you sit between the slow and average responder on the spectrum.

SOOOO…..STOP comparing yourself to other people. We are all made differently. We look different, act different, have different levels of intelligence, different levels of communication skills, different levels of talent, different eye color, different body shapes and different levels of athleticism. I could go on ALLL day. When we look at it like this its crazy to think we will all respond in the same way when it comes to a fitness program.

However….you WILLL respond eventually if you stick with it. If your goal is fat loss then the program will be placing you in calorie deficit. If you’re eating in a calorie deficit….you WILL lose weight. It doesn’t matter whether it’s SSS plan, 16/8, a fasted cardio plan, Atkins, uncle Rogers diet plan or Bill and Ben’s fat loss program….They are all creating a likely calorie deficit for you and that’s how you lose weight.


So, Like i said, we are genetically predisposed to how we respond to changes in health and fitness. A big part of determining you’re likely response rate is your body type. We can all be categorized into 3 differing body types often referred to as somato types.

-Ectomorph: slim, narrow shoulders, small wrists, very little fat, finds it hard to put weight on

-Endomorph: Broad shoulders, thick set, carries excess weight, easily puts on weight, strong

-Mesomorph: Natually athletic looking, gains and loses weight easily, triangle shaped torso with wider shoulders and slimmer waist.

Having read the descriptions you’ll immediately recognize your body type. You won’t be 100% any one particular type but you’ll lean towards a certain type.

We all have that mesomorphic friend who has a permanent 6 pack and that friend who can eat anything they want and never put on weight. The chances are you’re an endomorph. How do I know this? Because it’s endomorphs who typically buy these programs. Endomorphs typically struggle with weight issues.

Whatever your body type is….YOU’RE STUCK WITH IT!!! but it doesn’t mean there’s no hope. ANYONE AND EVERYONE can be at healthy weight and look great!!!